144 core MPO pre terminated ultra-high density fiber distribution box (drawer type) GPX-ML-144CS

Specification typeSpecifications: 144 core MPO pre terminated ultra-high density fiber distribution box (drawer type)Number:

Product Brief


【Product introduction】

1Product appearance
Ultra high density 1u144 core

12 12 core mpo-lc modules

3-layer independent drawer design

● module independent line management design

● visual transparent rotating front door panel

High quality electrostatic spraying anti-corrosion treatment

● 19 "standard installation
1Product characteristics

Installed in 19 inch rack and cabinet for centralized management of module box

High density, modular design module box, realizing optical fiber plug and play, meeting the requirements of rapid deployment of data center

increase the number of ports through modular design to provide high-density fiber connectivity

  The box body is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, the surface is treated by electrostatic powder spraying, the appearance is beautiful and generous, and the bottom of the box is provided with ventilation holes. Good ventilation and heat dissipation function can be realized

  The standard 12 core MPO pre termination module box is adopted, and the optical fiber connection is reliable and simple.

  It is compatible with two kinds of cable in and fiber out modes at the same time; it can be flexibly selected according to the cabinet wiring requirements

  Integration of termination and wiring, which can be directly terminated and connected, or integration of fusion and assembly modules.

  fiber distribution box design includes cable management frame and label strip

  The box has a spacious routing space, and the design of routing channel is reasonable

  High density, more than four times the density of the traditional fiber distribution frame, greatly saving the space of the cabinet, improving the utilization rate of the cabinet, and creating value for the construction of the data center

  Full frontal operation, convenient distribution frame installation, convenient management and other advantages

  Based on the modular design, it can realize the quick connection of system components, greatly reduce the construction cost on site, and realize the quick recovery of system faults.

  Rationalize the structure design to achieve 1U 144 core, 2U 288 core

1Application scope

MPO pre terminated ultra-high density optical fiber distribution box is used for the distribution equipment for terminating, protecting, connecting and managing the pre terminated optical cable and optical fiber in the optical fiber communication network. Pre terminated fiber distribution box is mainly used for fiber backbone connection and distribution management in three distribution areas of data center: main distribution area (MDA), horizontal distribution area (HDA) and equipment distribution area (EDA). It is installed in a 19 inch rack and cabinet, and can be installed with pre connected MPO transfer module or MPO adapter front panel. Its features provide optical signal connection in the machine room building dense cabling system fiber communication. System, CATV network, LANs, WANs, FTTx and other services.

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